Scareware: PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro

If you’re reading this post, you probably found Optimizer Pro installed on your system.  And in all likelihood you’re not quite sure how it got there.  This program purports to optimize your system by removing obsolete files and registry entries.  In fact, it finds default Windows components and alerts the user about these items that are “slowing down your computer”!

Here’s a screen shot of version 3.2 (aka 3.11)


The revenue model for PC Utilities Pro is to pay partners for installation of their software on as many PCs as they can.  And then to make sure that users of those systems are well aware of all the “problems” that are lurking.



Scan results are free, but “fixing” requires registration, $29.95 currently:


This version of this program can be removed simply from Windows’ Add or remove programs control panel.

  1. Click the START MENU
  2. Type “Add remove” and hit ENTER or click the “Add or remove programs” link at the topAddRemove
  3. Click Optimizer Pro and then UNINSTALLUninstall1
  4. Click YES when asked to confirm removalUninstall2

Demonstration video:


This will effectively remove all of the files associated with this program.  There are a few inconsequential registry entries left behind.  Other Adware remover programs may trigger on these remnants, but for all intense and purposes the adware is rendered inoperable simple by uninstalling.

Registry remnants:



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  1. Good day – My Power2Go DVD/CD burner hasn’t been working for a few months so, I found it somewhere (free). When I ran the .exe this ‘Optimizer Pro’ and one other program burst open and took my PC over. I spent half a day of pure hell getting it all out of my PC and registry, it was a terrible experience! Oh well, glad I have Wise Program Uninstaller and Revo uninstaller. I’m on the higher end of a moderate user, I should have known. I was blinded thinking about Power2Go….it’s only a fair program. Back in Nov. 2014 MS had a bad patch(s) (for W7 x64) it disabled Windows Mail, ‘Recovery Mgr’ and several other app.’s. Thanks a bunch for your review here, it explains it all, respectfully,
    -Roy In TN/USA

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